Brinston’s Significant Progress Following Epidural Stimulation

Spinal Cord Injury patient Brinston

Brinston Tchana

20 years old 


"You have to try it. The results are really good!"

Embarking on the journey towards spinal cord injury recovery can be an intimidating experience, but patients have made great progress as a result of seeking effective treatment.

Here is the story of one brave man who underwent Epidural Stimulation treatment with great success, to help regain more independence. 

Brinston's Story

Brinston Tchana was involved in a tragic accident in Spain, where he grew up. The accident was caused by a drunk driver, and it dramatically altered the course of Brinston’s life. Despite being the only survivor of the accident, he didn’t walk away unscathed. He sustained a T6 spinal cord injury that ended up confining him to a wheelchair.

Despite this, Brinston maintained an upbeat attitude.

Not ready to give up on the chance for recovery, Brinston conducted some research of his own. After learning about Epidural Stimulation, Brinston began to feel hopeful. He felt Epidural Stimulation offered the best chance of recovery and regaining independence. Whilst researching his options, the then 19-year-old discovered the opportunity for treatment in Bangkok and traveled there in late 2016 for this revolutionary procedure combined with regenerative treatment and extensive rehabilitation.

Epidural Stimulation and Brinston's Progress

Upon arriving at the medical facilities in Bangkok to receive his treatment, Brinston was optimistic at the results he could achieve. He felt that Epidural Stimulation would offer him the greatest potential to regain control of his legs and see the improvements he hoped for. 

Thanks to the treatment he received, in combination with regenerative treatment and extensive rehabilitation, he saw significant results. His muscle tone increased, and he was able to feel and even move his legs. 

Brinston felt optimistic and pleased with the results from his treatment. He knew that his trip to Bangkok from England had paid off immensely and that the facilities had given him the best chance at receiving optimal results.

The world class facilities he was greeted with impressed him thoroughly, as did the attention, care, and knowledge of the general staff and medical team he encountered. He was treated with a high standard of care, and everyone he interacted with during his stay ensured that he was comfortable and given the treatment he needed.

Spinal Cord Injury Causes

Spinal Cord Injury causes infographic

Causes and risk factors associated with Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Unfortunately, it is a common reality that a large portion of spinal cord injuries are a result of motor accidents. For Brinston, it only took an instant to change the trajectory of his life – but thanks to Epidural Stimulation, he is taking steps to get it back on track again – and he is seeing great results. 

Brinston knew that together with this revolutionary treatment that he also had to put in hard during his rehabilitation.

As a result of his determination and the effective treatment he received, Brinston has seen great improvements in his situation. 

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