Jeffrey’s Effective SCI Treatment, 8 Years Following his Accident

Spinal Cord Injury patient Jeffrey

Jeffrey Guest

29 years old 


"This is by far the best Epidural Stimulation Procedure Treatment that you could possibly get in the world."

An unexpected accident brought Jeffrey Guest’s life to a screeching halt, resulting in a T7-10 Spinal Cord Injury and being wheel-chair dependent. Today, he can move his quadriceps and ankles. Thanks to his dedication and the treatment he received, his dream of standing once again may finally be realised.

Jeffrey's Story

Eight years ago, Jeffrey Guest was involved in a tragic car accident. As a result, he sustained a Spinal Cord Injury at the T7-T10 level. The 29-year-old American was not ready to accept the hand that fate had dealt him. Instead, he chose to remain determined and look for a treatment option which could help improve his situation.

After some research, he learned about Epidural Stimulation and decided that it was the path for him. He wanted to travel to Bangkok to get the best service and give himself the best chance at recovery. He began a fundraising campaign to raise the money who need it, and thanks to the support of his loving family and friends, he successfully raised the money he needed to change his life. Then, all that was left to do was to fly to Bangkok and undergo his treatment.

“When times get rough, people still make something positive out of it. 

Understanding Jeffrey's Treatment

Epidural stimulation is an incredible treatment for spinal cord injury patients that continues to help those who received it. It involves implanting a device on the spine through a minor, minimally invasive surgery. From there, this device uses electrical currents to stimulate the muscles and encourage movement once more in the patient. Time after time, the results have been staggering, leaving patients optimistic and with significant improvements in their condition.

Jeffrey’s treatment in Bangkok included Epidural Stimulation, followed by extensive training and rehabilitation sessions. Only a few days had passed before Jeffrey noticed improvements in several areas. After 8 years, he was able to move his ankles once more again and he knew that this was only the beginning of the progress that lay before him.

According to Jeffrey, he chose to pursue this breakthrough spinal cord injury treatment because he was so inspired by his son. Seeing his son’s joy and smile motivated him to push through the treatment and be able to move around without the assistance of a wheelchair. He is determined to make that dream of spinal cord injury recovery a reality and is grateful for all  the support he has had along his journey
Spinal Cord Injury patient Jeffrey exercising during a tilt table session

Jeffrey exercising during a tilt table session

Jeffrey's Recovery

After a few weeks of treatment, Jeffrey was able to move his quadriceps. In addition, he regained the ability to move his knees and ankles forward. With all these improvements he made, Jeffrey remains very optimistic for the future of his recovery.

Jeffrey was impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities that greeted him when he reached Bangkok and expressed his warm thanks to the staff for their attentive and compassionate care and professionalism. He looks forward to continued improvements thanks to his treatment.

“I’m really grateful and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart for being given a chance to fight back.” 

Spinal Cord Injury Facts and Figures

Spinal Cord Injury statistics infographic

A look at some statistics associated with Spinal Cord Injuries

Happier Times Ahead

Epidural Stimulation Surgery is revolutionising the lives of many, and continues to give great hope to those with spinal cord injuries.

Jeffrey never gave up hope. Through the breakthrough treatment he received and his continuous dedication, he has been able to regain independence eight years after his accident. Happier days lie ahead for Jeffrey and his family.

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