Northern Ireland to Bangkok: In Pursuit of Effective Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Spinal Cord Injury patient Jonathan

Jonathan Weir

23 years old 

Northern Ireland

"It’s quite amazing to think I am back on the treadmill, whereas i thought i would never be able to stand."

A mountain bike accident turned Jonathan Wier’s fun weekend getaway into a life changing event. The accident damaged his spinal cord at the C6-C7 level, resulting in the complete loss of leg movement. However, Epidural Stimulation surgery and his perseverance has given him the chance to significantly improve his condition.

Jonathan's Story

Jonathan was enjoying an active and adventurous weekend in Northern Ireland when an accident on his bicycle changed the course of his life forever. On a weekend trip like any other, he was doing the usual with his friends. Then, he fell off his bike, leaving his spinal cord broken at the C6-C7 level. Because of his injury, Jonathan completely lost the ability to move his legs.

After an injury that would leave many people feeling hopeless, Jonathan Weir was not ready to give up. He refused to resign himself to his fate and instead sought out options for treatment to help improve his condition. Through his research, he learned about Epidural Stimulation and the promising results it offered to patients. From there, he decided that it was his best chance at getting the results he needed and chose to travel to Bangkok to undergo this breakthrough spinal cord injury treatment.

“If the treatment is available to you, then you should really go and try it. It is worth it. 

Understanding Epidural Stimulation

Epidural Stimulation is regarded as one of the most promising spinal cord injury treatment options that exists today. It involves the implantation of an epidural stimulator on the spinal cord, which uses an electrical current to stimulate movement in the affected areas. This helps to strengthen the patient’s movement. Paired with rehabilitation and regenerative treatment, it has brought about great results for spinal cord injury recovery.  

Spinal Cord Injury patient Jonathan during a physiotherapy session

Jonathan during a physiotherapy session

Jonathan's Experience

Jonathan underwent Epidural Stimulation, followed by an extensive rehabilitation and training program. In the last few weeks of his treatment, Jonathan’s movements became stronger. His treatment included multiple mapping and physiotherapy sessions. He found the mapping process to be the most difficult aspect of treatment, but the results amazed him. His movements became stronger still. 

Throughout his treatment, Jonathan held on to the belief that hard work plays a large part on the road to recovery. As a result, he was constantly dedicated and determined to reach a small goal every day. He was optimistic about his recovery, even creating a Facebook page titled “Jonathan’s story – Living Life on the Edge” to update his well-wishers and stay motivated to go the distance.

“I’ve seen a lot of progress with my core balance. Before if I ever sat on the bed, I would have to pull my hands to be able to balance. While now I can lift my hands and sit on the edge of the bed.” 

Spinal Cord Injury Causes

Spinal Cord Injury causes infographic

Causes and risk factors associated with Spinal Cord Injuries

Future Plans

After his experience with treatment, Jonathan’s best improvement thus far has been being capable of taking steps assisted while on the hoist during rehabilitation sessions. Another great accomplishment for him is his increased core balance. He is now able to lift his hands and can sit on his bed without assistance.

Jonathan was very pleased with the progress he made at the facility in Bangkok. He is planning to come back to Bangkok next year in order to take part in more rehabilitation and continue his recovery.

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