Mobile Applications for Spinal Cord Injury Patients and Care-givers

Mobile Applications for Spinal Cord Injury Patients and Care-givers

A patient with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) needs special help from the people around them in their everyday life. Attending to someone with a spinal cord injury is demanding and can be overwhelming at times, whether one is a family member or working as a professional.

Luckily, recent advancements and developments in technology have brought by impressive innovations that enable SCI patients to access a range of services and adapt to the society. Numerous mobile applications have been created specifically to make it convenient for them to acquire useful information and access the necessary resources. Additionally, these applications are created to prevent caregivers from being frazzled.

These applications help to restore ease of operations that was taken away by spinal cord injuries and make lives more comfortable. They have great features, which aid in mobility issues and enable caregivers to take charge of medical concerns, accessibility, schedules and reminders, and even finances. Currently, it is even easier to handle caregiving duties with the emergence of smartphones, something that was unheard of in the past.

These applications are free and can be downloaded by any caregiver or SCI survivor. They are great resources that help to solve basic problems that hold back mobility solutions for patients with SCI.

Mobile Apps Helping those with Spinal Cord Injuries


CareZone is an application that is not just limited to sharing updates and securing posts, but it also transcends the normal capabilities. A user can keep medication logs; create custom profiles, set reminders and to-do lists that keep them updated on important health information.

Creating voice messages and sending them to various users can also be achieved. This eases the corporation between the caregiver and loved ones. The task list enables one to keep a synchronised record of what needs to be done and stay orderly and aware of what to do at any particular time.


CaringBridge is a mobile app that creates a great platform for the caregiver and patient to communicate and connect on different levels. Close friends and family can join the website too. Loved ones can make use of the app to show support by posting messages that encourage the patient. The site coordinates schedules and keeps up to date the people in the support network.


EverNote is a host of great options for both caregivers and non-caregivers. It has been designed to suit various needs of any operation. Users can keep a record of either documents or recordings that matter to them, in a safe and organised way. The app brings together a collection of files that can easily be accessed with the searchable option. One can also do archiving of images, links, and all-important notes. EverNote is a necessary-have because of its versatility as it can store virtually everything one can possibly need.

First Aid

This is an American Red Cross app that is designed and created to provide useful reminders on fundamentals of first aid and also CPR. It equips one with necessary skills that are essential in case of an emergency. The app avails guidelines and vital information on how to go about a situation that calls for a quick response. The instructions and directions are precise and clear to the point. Caregivers with no medical background can make use of this app to get knowledge on how to handle care receivers and how to act in times of crisis.


iRelax is a mobile app exceptionally created to attend to caregivers. It has been designed to offer a special kind of entertainment to tackle burnout. After a long day of caregiving, they can access melodies like white noise, sounds of the ocean surf and sounds from a night forest. They can listen to calming tunes that assuage the exhaustion of the day. This makes the caregiving experience exciting rather than overwhelming.


Mint is an app that has taken financial management to the next level. It enables the user to take control of their money by consolidating all the financial accounts. One can create a budget and track spending. This enables monitoring capabilities to avoid any fraudulent dealings. Mint is critical since health maintenance has an effect on general finances. Finance is an aspect that demands keen attention and tools like this make it possible to keep track of an accurate account.


An app is a source of quick medical logic and health inquiries. It provides useful information on recent medical advances and simple questions. In any case, information or advice from WebMD is utilised with the support of a professional and an accredited physician. Before proceeding to use the information, a caregiver should seek medical advice from the survivor’s doctor who will address any concerns or inquiries.


WheelMate as an app is convenient for travellers across and beyond the U.S. It allows wheelchair users and caregivers to access services like securing parking spaces and clean public toilets with ease. It comes in handy when someone is visiting a new place, to avoid the struggle of searching for the spaces that meet their needs. WheelMate also gives access to a range of verified facilities that are functional.

Physiotherapy Exercises

This is an app that is popularly used by physiotherapists and wheelchair users. With Physiotherapy Exercises, a range of unique exercises has been put together to specifically help patients with spinal cord injuries. It caters to all ages and different conditions such as hand injury and motor delays. This app highlights the areas to put emphasis on while exercising.


In a world full of technology, there is a scope of medical-related apps at the disposal of caregivers and receivers of SCI, for organisation, financial control, emotional support, access to public services and health management.

The smartphone apps have been designed with useful features to ease the work of caregivers and life of spinal cord injury survivors. They make planning and traveling for mobility impaired individuals easier. These resources accommodate the needs of many people and help mobile-limited people feel as a part of the society. With these apps, the experience of care-giving is now also  more effective and less strenuous.