Steven’s Inspirational Journey Towards Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Spinal Cord Injury patient Steven

Steven Edge

23 years old 


"By day three or four, I could move my lower legs, so that was pretty amazing."

There is nothing like going through a terrible accident and then being told that you will never walk again. However, that’s exactly what happened to Steven Edge at the age of 22. 

But after his accident, he wasn’t ready to accept life in a wheelchair, so he took it upon himself to dig deeper and find alternative solutions. 

Steven's Story

Steven was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident that left him paralysed. Unable to use his legs as he could before, the then 22-year old and his parents searched for a way to help him recover. Based on their research, they felt that Epidural Stimulation had the greatest potential to help them get the results they wanted. 

After researching their available options, Steven decided to travel to Bangkok to receive this revolutionary treatment.  His treatment included Epidural Stimulation combined with regenerative treatment and various other rehabilitative therapies. 

“I've been doing some interesting things. Doing a bit of core work and working on my posture. 

Spinal Cord Injury patient during Physiotherapy

Steven working hard during of of his Physiotherapy session

Steven's Recovery

Since receiving Epidural Stimulation treatment in combination with regenerative treatment, Steven has experienced tremendous steps towards recovery. Very quickly, he was able to accomplish moving his legs. Upon this momentous achievement, he was extremely proud of himself and hopeful for further advancements in his spinal cord injury recovery process. 

Within just a few days, Steven was able to stand and support himself on parallel bars during his physiotherapy sessions. This was a remarkable accomplishment, demonstrating that the muscles in his legs were gaining strength as a reward for his hard work. In just a few days, he was also able to stand without assistance from the physiotherapist. Standing on his own was the first step to opening many new doors towards recovery for Steven. 

However he wasn’t finished yet. Steven continued to make great strides in the coming weeks, until he was able to take actual steps. Three weeks after the initial Epidural Stimulation surgery, after mastering walking using parallel bars, he took things a step further by managing to exercise on the treadmill, which was a huge achievement for him. 

Spinal Cord Injury Levels

Anatomy of the Spine

Anatomy of the Spine

Continuous Improvement

Much of Steven’s rehabilitation focused on working on his core, helping him to take steps, and improving his posture. 

Although Steven at times found his rehabilitation very challenging, he was optimistic throughout and remained determined to take on each challenge with a positive attitude.

Steven's story is very inspiring and shows what can be achieved with hard work and determination together with effective spinal cord injury treatment.

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