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Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Testimonials

Below you will find stories of several Spinal Cord Injury patients who have achieved great improvements in their condition following treatment. These spinal cord injury treatment testimonials show how progress can be made by individuals with various injury levels following procedures such as epidural stimulation as well as rehabilitative therapies. 

Research into the treatment of spinal cord injuries is always ongoing and significant advancements have been made over recent times.

Andrew Bell’s Astounding Spinal Cord Injury Recovery
Andrew Bell's life dramatically changed when he was involved in a motorcycle accident in May 2015. Doctors in the UK told him that the chances of him walking again were close to zero. However, as a result of his Epidural Stimulation treatment, ongoing rehabilitation and perseverance, he has made remarkable progress.
Steven’s Inspirational Journey Towards Spinal Cord Injury Recovery
After a motorcycle left Steven Edge with a spinal cord injury, he researched treatment options which could help him improve his situation. Steven's story is very inspiring and shows what can be achieved with hard work and determination together with effective spinal cord injury treatment.
Isaac’s Road to Spinal Cord Injury Recovery
Isaac travelled to Bangkok to receive a revolutionary Spinal Cord Injury treatment known as Epidural Stimulation. In just a few short weeks, he had made great strides thanks to the treatment and his own dedication during each stage of his rehabilitation.
Payton’s Epidural Stimulation Treatment Experience
A car accident left Payton with a spinal cord injury at the C4 level and a bleak prognosis for any future rehabilitation. However, his determination together with a breakthrough treatment has seen him make great improvements during his recovery.
Northern Ireland to Bangkok: In Pursuit of Effective Spinal Cord Injury Treatment
A bicycle accident left Jonathan with a spinal cord injury at the C6-C7 level, resulting in a complete loss of movement in his legs. However, the Northern Irishman has made great progress following Epidural Stimulation.
Jeffrey’s Effective SCI Treatment, 8 Years Following his Accident
Eight years ago, Jeffrey Guest was involved in a tragic car accident resulting in him sustaining a Spinal Cord Injury at the T7-T10 level. Despite the injury occurring several years ago, he has made great progress from the treatment he received recently.
Gabi’s Inspirational SCI Recovery Journey
At 16, Gabi was an active young man like many others, but a devastating diving accident left him with a severe spinal cord injury. Aged 39, he finally managed to undergo a treatment that could help improve his condition. The improvements he made as a result of the treatment and his hard work are truly inspirational.
Andrew Valadka’s Road to Recovery
Andrew's world turned upside down following a life changing accident that occurred while playing American football. Never one to give up, he researched effective Spinal Cord Injury treatments and travelled to Bangkok for Epidural Stimulation. Here is his inspirational story of recovery.
Randeep’s Epidural Stimulation Treatment Journey
In 2013, Canadian Randeep Rai was involved in a life-changing accident. In 2017 he took a great stride towards his recovery when he travelled to Bangkok to receive a breakthrough Spinal Cord Injury treatment.
Brinston’s Significant Progress Following Epidural Stimulation
As a result of his determination and the effective treatment he received, Brinston has seen great improvements in his situation. In this testimonial, complete with a video interview with Brinston, he describes his experience.

The testimonials above show a variety of different therapies and treatment options which are available to individuals with spinal cord injuries. The individuals whose stories are shared above have seen great improvements in their condition, such as increased mobility, better management of secondary symptoms and also improved morale as a result of the treatments they received and the hard work they put in during their rehabilitation.

We will continue to share the inspirational stories of spinal cord injury patients on this page, so be sure to check back regularly.